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Repair and Refinish Your Pool With AquaGuard 5000® Epoxy Pool Paint

If you are thinking about restoring, refinishing, or remodeling your pool or spa, then you should consider using products that offer a 10 year warranty.

Only AquaGuard 5000® offers the best warranty, it also is FDA Compliant and it is an ECO friendly product. You will use less chemicals therefore, your swim suits and your skin will love the feel of the finish.

See why the Navy Seals, schools like Emma Willard and hotels like the Marriott and Hyatt have chosen AquaGuard® 5000 for their pool finish. Over the years, thousands of people and some of the finest institutions have chosen Aquatic Surfaces to repair and refinish their swimming pools.

AquaGuard resurfacing products are used for a variety of applications such as; swimmimng pool finishes, car wash wall protection, basement wall sealer and school shower wall protections. AquaGuard 5000® is one of the top rated pool resurfacing and refinishing product in the world.

Dennis Hardy, CEO and President of Aquatic Surfaces, has always been committed to using the best products available on the market today. With over 35 years of experience in the pool resurfacing industry, Dennis personally handles all customer concerns and questions. He is always available to answer any questions that you may have about what is the best way to restore, refinish, resurface or remodel your pool or spa.

AquaGuard 5000® is formulated to last for years and was designed by world renown chemists to give your pool the ultimate pool finish that is designed to last a long time.

Unlike its competitors, AquaGuard is not a water-downed pool paint. Aquaguard 5000® is an epoxy-based polymer, with a base that is made up of 100% solids reinforced by a blend of both resins and special formulated hardeners. AquaGuard is designed to work in all types of environments no matter how extreme the weather conditions are, AquaGuard will out last any pool finish; and can be used for fiberglass, concrete, steel or gunite pools. That is why so many homeowners, Condo associations, colleges, schools, YMCA and governmental agencies insist upon refinishing their pools with AquaGuard 5000®.

AquaGuard pool finishing products are not only the best pool coating, it is also decorative and protective. AquaGuard 5000® is available in array of gorgeous colors that will add beauty to your pool and years of enjoyment like no other product. AquaGuard 5000® provides you with a protective coating that offer resistance to staining. You will use up to 50% less chemicals and AquaGuard will protect your pool from the most common dangers that face all swimming pool finishes.

To start enjoying your pool today with an AquaGuard 5000 finish call Aquatic Surface at 1-772-225-4389 or 1-866-485-0086 to get a free estimate or fill out our contact form and someone will contact you soon.