Pool Care Recommendations

Maintain good chemical residuals

Your new aquatic surface will require less maintenance and reduce the amount of chemicals necessary to properly balance your pool chemistry. We recommend the following care instructions:

a) when filling a pool a sequestering agent should be used to suspend any mineral particles until the filtration system is in service or Carbon Tanks for well water will be provided by others (paid by the customer).

b) Check your pool chemistry and maintain the following levels.

  • Chlorine 1.5 – ppm
  • Acidity 7.4 – 7.8ph
  • Alkalinity 90 – 120 ppm
  • Calcium 250 – 350 ppm
  • Stabilizer 60 – ppm

Precaution: Do not allow tri-chlor powder, tablets or stabilizers to settle directly on the surface.

This may result in staining or discoloration of the surface.

Should you have any questions or desire additional information regarding care instruction for your surface, please contact Aquatic Technologies Group, Inc. at (772) 225-4389.

We recommend all Aquaguard Surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, not in water to be cleaned with Aquaguard fiberglass Pool and Spa Cleaner  every 30 – 60 days. Then waxed with car or boat wax. This will maintain your surface.

Aquaguard Technologies , Inc. Is not responsible for chemical and exterior care of any pool, spa and marine habitat.