Smooth and Luxurious Natural Stone Finish

Why Florida Gem Pool Finish?

Florida Gem Pool Finishes have the look and feel of smooth luxurious natural stone. They are virtually indestructible, colorfast, slip-resistant, non abrasive and they minimize stains, etching, blemishes, dirt, rain, and the effects of harsh chemicals.
Florida Gem uses genuine 3M color quartz granules to create a state of the art aggregate pool finish of the highest quality. Only companies like Aquatic Surfaces with over 35 years of experience refinishing, remodeling and resurfacing custom swimming pools, and spas.
Aquatic Surfaces has the ability to install products like Florida Gem. They offer a unparalleled support system as well as a ten year warranty. With Florida Gem your pool will retain its beauty, color luster and finish for years to come.
Only products like Florida Gem pool finishes offers a natural beautiful pool surface that is long lasting.